Egypt at its Origins
The Fourth International Conference on Predynastic & Early Dynastic Egypt
July 26-July 30, 2011


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The proceedings volume for Origins 4 will be published by Peeters Publishers, Leuven, in their Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (OLA) series, continuing the excellent series of volumes from the earlier Origins conferences (see below).

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is September 1, 2012. Guidelines for authors follow below.  These guidelines, along with two pages from the Origins 3 volume showing the bibliographical referencing style that should be followed, may be downloaded here.

Origins 4 Proceedings Submission Guidelines for Authors

Submission deadline – 1 September 2012

Submissions should be made via e-mail to and should include the following three components:

1) Text – to be submitted as a separate file in Microsoft Word .doc format and including the following:

    • At the head of the text document should be the following information:
      • Title
      • Author
      • Institutional affiliation
      • Postal address
      • E-mail address
    • Abstract of 150-200 words
    • Main text, 5000 – 6000 words
    • A complete list of references cited – see bibliographic style sheet attached

Please note:

    • Figures should be clearly referenced in the text, Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.
    • Bibliographic references should be made in the text, as in the attached example from the Origins 3 Proceedings volume
    • Please do not include references not cited in the text.
    • Footnotes should be used for explanation or elaboration only, not for bibliographic references. 
    • References relating to the text of a footnote should be included in the text of the note in the same style as in the main text.
    • Internet resources should be cited with the name and author of the resource, the full URL, and the date on which the site was accessed.
    • The text document should be submitted named using the following format that includes the author’s surname (in the case of multiple authors, the first author’s surname):  NAME_TEXT.doc

2) Figure captions – to be submitted as a separate file in Microsoft Word .doc format and named using the following format:  NAME_CAPTIONS.doc

3) Figures – to be submitted as individual graphics files

    • High resolution (minimum 300dpi) jpeg or tiff format only
    • Authors should keep in mind that graphics will be reduced for publication and that line weights should be appropriate for reduction
    • Graphics files should have filenames that include the author’s surname and are numbered sequentially, formatted as follows:  NAME_FIGURE_01.tif or .jpg

The proceedings of the Kraków conference were published in 2004:

Egypt at its Origins. Studies in Memory of Barbara Adams

Proceedings of the International Conference “Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt”, Kraków, 28th August – 1st September 2002

Edited by Stan Hendrickx, Renée F. Friedman, Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz & Marek Chłodnicki

Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (OLA) 138

Peeters Publishers, Leuven, 2004 | ISBN 90-429-1469-6

A summary of the contents is available here.

The proceedings of the Toulouse conference were published in 2008:

Egypt at its Origins 2

Proceedings of the International Conference “Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt”, Toulouse (France), 5th – 8th September 2005

Edited by Béatrix Midant-Reynes, Yann Tristant, Joanne Rowland &
Stan Hendrickx

Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (OLA) 172

Peeters Publishers, Leuven, 2008 | ISBN 978-90-429-1994-5

The proceedings for the London conference were published in 2011:

Egypt at its Origins 3

Proceedings of the Third International Conference "Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt", London, 27th July - 1st August 2008

Edited by Renée F. Friedman, P. N. Fiske

Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta (OLA) 205

Peeters Publishers, Leuven, 2011 | ISBN 978-90-429-2490-1